Connie Baechler

Connie is a writer, counselor and speaker, specializing in tending the souls of animals and people.


People Support

Connie sees senior citizens as wise adapters who, like all of us, must cope with change and can benefit from support along the way. She provides a place to catch your breath and take stock of the most beneficial choices, while letting go of what blocks the way toward your best, most vital life. MORE


Connie writes both creatively and academically in the spirit of speaking her truth and furthering all people’s freedom of expression. Her themes include liberation, being Other, and furthering the rights of individuals to have their souls heard and witnessed. She also enjoys collaborating with people who are talented in art, music, and film and has launched a boutique publishing company.  MORE

Animal Companions

Founder of East Oakland Pet Support, Connie assists a diverse set of people who want to keep their pets and need support, understanding, and access to resources. She gets to know the whole person with a compassionate heart. MORE


connecting respectfully. with an emphasis on dignity. and the whole person.

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The unconditional love and continuity of having a pet present during sessions helped me feel calm and at ease. I also felt closer to my counselor because she shared her pets with me, which helped me see we had something in common: we both love animals. I found her more relatable and appreciated that she always gave me the option of having a pet or pets in the room.
— Sven

Connie is the warmest person of a different nationality I’ve ever met. She would help anyone of any age and any nationality. She’s little in age, but she’s big in knowledge. She has a heart of humility, caring and compassion. Connie has a way of making the day for people in the gutter so they won’t feel in the gutter when they see her. I’ve seen her grow a lot since I met her, and I recommend her to anyone in need.
— Rosie, age 80


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